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Noteworthy Characteristics

  • Is NPD’s definitive source for snack food consumption in the United States.
  • Presents a complete picture of snack and convenience foods to help understand critical trends in behavior, attitudes, and usage. Captures who, when, where, why, and how specific snack-oriented foods and brands are consumed, and examines situation and motivational dynamics that affect snack foods consumption.
  • Covers key topics, such as who consumes by age, sex, demographics, and region; where, how, and when consumed, including consumers’ activities while eating; and where and when purchased, and reasons particular snack foods are consumed.
  • Captures both in-home and away-from-home snack food consumption.



To collect data about snack food consumption by individuals 2+ years old in the United States.

Target Population

U.S. consumers, ages 2 years and older.


Began in January 2010. Conducted on an ongoing basis.


The NPD Group, Inc.

Special Note(s)

The NPD Group, Inc
Laura Jurek


Sample Design

Cross-sectional panel survey. The SnackTrack sample is designed to provide a representative sample of the U.S. population based on U.S. Census Bureau statistics for individuals ages 2 years and older.

The survey invitation is sent to the adult panel member in the household. In households with children younger than age 13 years, the child may help complete the survey, the adult may complete the survey on behalf of the child, or the adult may answer the survey for himself/herself. In households with teens ages 12 to 17 years, the teen may participate in completing the survey for himself/herself, or the adult may answer on the teen’s behalf. The sampling strategy is designed to provide a nationally representative sample based on U.S. Census Bureau statistics for individuals ages 2 years and older.

Sample Size

More than 350,000 snack food occasions annually.

Key Variables


NameMethods of Assessment
Household sizeInterview/questionnaire
Presence of children in the householdInterview/questionnaire


NameMethods of Assessment
Where snack is consumedInterview/questionnaire
When snack is consumedInterview/questionnaire
How snack is consumedInterview/questionnaire
Consumer activities while snackingInterview/questionnaire
Where snack is purchasedInterview/questionnaire
When snack is purchasedInterview/questionnaire
Reason for snack consumptionInterview/questionnaire


NameMethods of Assessment


NameMethods of Assessment
Census regionN/A

Data Access and Cost

Data Availability

Obtain data by contacting NPD Group:




Geocode Variable(s)

Census Region

Existing Linkages

SnackTrack data on U.S households have been linked to National Eating Trends data on American food consumption using a follow-up survey.

Selected Publications

Ng SW, Popkin BM. Monitoring Food and Nutrients Sold and Consumed in the United States: Dynamics and Challenges. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2012;112(1):41-45.