At A Glance

Noteworthy Characteristics

  • Provides extensive data on online purchasing and browsing behavior. Covers primarily home, but also computers at some worksites and universities.
  • Collects household data on grocery shopping and eating-out behaviors.
  • Tracks household Internet usage, including online purchases.
  • Only continuous panel that passively captures all Web-wide behavioral and transaction data.
  • About half the population tracked is from the U.S.



To collect data about online behavior and demographic characteristics, attitudes, lifestyles, and offline activities for consumers worldwide, including the United States (U.S.).

Target Population

Individuals and households worldwide, including the U.S.


Began in 1999. Conducted on an ongoing basis.


comScore, Inc.

Special Note(s)

comScore maintains a panel of users who agree to have monitoring software installed on their computers. comScore is able to validate the demographic characteristics of online consumers in its panel.

Phone: +1 (866) 276-6972


Sample Design

Panel survey, random sampling (uses Random Digit Dialing for recruitment).

Sample Size

Approximately 177,600 individual Internet users in 2010.

Special Note(s)

In May 2009, comScore implemented a digital audience measurement tool that combines panel and census-based measurement approaches into a single methodology.

Participants are self-selected and therefore may not represent the U.S. population.

Key Variables


NameMethods of Assessment
Age (head of household)Interview/questionnaire and tracking software
Household sizeInterview/questionnaire and tracking software
IncomeInterview/questionnaire and tracking software
SexInterview/questionnaire and tracking software


NameMethods of Assessment
Frequency of eating outInterview/questionnaire
Household supermarket purchases Loyalty card data
Supermarket shopping behaviors (time spent shopping, amount spent on groceries, whether shopper uses grocery list, whether shopper has grocery budget and adheres to it)Interview/questionnaire

Physical Activity-Related

NameMethods of Assessment
Frequency of exercisingInterview/questionnaire


NameMethods of Assessment
Consumer spending patterns by retail segment/product category (e.g., groceries, exercise equipment) online and in storesInterview/questionnaire
Exposure to various types of online advertisingTracking software
Use of specific Web sites and categories of Web sites (e.g., health information, weight loss, nutrition)Tracking software

Data Access and Cost

Data Availability

Obtain data from comScore. Learn more about comScore products and contact information.




Geocode Variable(s)

City (metropolitan area), state, zip code.

Existing Linkages

comScore has linked various types of data collected from its online participants with data on consumer preferences and television viewing collected by other companies using confidential matching procedures.

comScore data on online behavior and product usage has been linked to Canada’s Print Measurement Bureau data on print product usage (e.g., readership of a specific magazine) using a confidential “split weight congruent fusion” methodology that does not match personally identifiable consumer information.

Selected Publications


Wood FB, Benson D, LaCroix E, Siegel ER, Fariss S. Use of Internet audience measurement data to gauge market share for online health information services. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2005;7(3):e31


None noted.