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Noteworthy Characteristics

  • Provides trends and nutrition facts label information for new products.
  • Contains data on ingredients, flavor, product claims, shelving type, UPC code, price, pack size, manufacturer/distributor, packaging type and material.
  • Provides high resolution images of products and packaging for all new product launches.
  • Product data can be linked to sales and market sizing through GlobalData’s market data tools.



To collect data and product information about newly launched consumer packaged goods in retail markets around the world.

Target Population

Newly launched consumer packaged goods from around the world.


Began in 1980 and conducted daily.


GlobalData Plc

Special Note(s)

Contact information:
+1 646 439 1108 (United States)
+91 40 6616 6500 (Asia Pacific)
+44 20 7406 6789 (Europe)

Formerly known as Datamonitor ProductScan.


Sample Design

Database, not a sample.

Products are identified and collected by a global network of representatives purchasing close to 1,000 items per working day. Additional products are identified through trade-shows, information provided by manufacturers and distributors, and advertisements.

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Sample Size

Approximately 1,000 new consumer packaged goods products from around the world are added each day from the following sectors: food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, personal care, household products, pet care, and tobacco.

Key Variables


NameMethods of Assessment
Product name, brand, and varietiesPackaging analysis and secondary research
UPC CodePackaging analysis and secondary research
Nutrition facts informationPackaging analysis and secondary research
Product claimPackaging analysis and secondary research
IngredientsPackaging analysis and secondary research
FlavorPackaging analysis and secondary research
Product categoryPackaging analysis and secondary research
Manufacturer, distributor, and affiliatesPackaging analysis and secondary research
Package format, material, and sizePackaging analysis and secondary research
PricePackaging analysis and secondary research
High-resolution package imagesPhotography


NameMethods of Assessment

Data Access and Cost

Data Availability

Obtain data by subscription.
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Special Note(s)

Discounts available for academic institutions.


Geocode Variable(s)


Existing Linkages

None noted.

Selected Publications


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