Carrillo-Bernate Y, Correa-Bautista JE, Ramirez-Velez R. Internal consistency and content validity of a questionnaire aimed to assess the stages of behavioral lifestyle changes in Colombian schoolchildren: The Fuprecol study. Rev Nutr 2017 May;30. (3).


Objective: To assess internal consistency and content validity of a questionnaire aimed to assess the stages of Behavioural Lifestyle Changes in a sample of school-aged children and adolescents aged 9 to 17 years-old. Methods: This validation study involved 675 schoolchildren from three official school in the city of Bogota, Colombia. A self-administered questionnaire called Behavioural Lifestyle Changes has been designed to explore stages of change regarding to physical activity/exercise, fruit and vegetable consumption, alcohol abuse, tobacco use, and drug abuse. Cronbach-α, Kappa index and exploratory factor analysis were used for evaluating the internal consistency and validity of content, respectively. Results: The study population consisted of 51.1% males and the participants’ average age was 12.7±2.4 years-old. Behavioural Lifestyle Changes scored 0.720 (range 0.691 to 0.730) on the Cronbach α and intra-observer reproducibility was good (Kappa=0.71). Exploratory factor analysis determined two factors (factor 1: physical activity/exercise, fruit and vegetable consumption, and factor 2: alcohol abuse tobacco use and drug abuse), explaining 67.78% of variance by the items and six interactions χ2/gL=11649.833; p <>≺ 0.001. Conclusion: Behavioural Lifestyle Changes Questionnaire was seen to have suitable internal consistency and validity. This instrument can be recommended, mainly within the context of primary attention for studying the stages involved in the lifestyle behavioural changes model on a school-based population.

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Bogota, Colombia




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A preliminary instrument of eight domains or subscales was produced that inquired about the stages of change for physical activity or exercise, consumption of fruits and vegetables, and consumption of harmful substances and sweets and lifestyle behaviors. The second phase involved the adaptation to Spanish and a qualitative assessment of the reactives and the relevance of the constructs by a panel of three experts. Internal consistency was estimated and exploratory factor analysis was performed.

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Schoolchildren from three public schools in the city of Bogota, Colombia completed the Behavioural Lifestyle Changes questionnaire.

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Validity (1)

Type of validity Construct/subscale assessed Criterion measure used Test/statistic used Result
Content Behavioural Lifestyle Changes questionnaire, total reactives and constructs Expert opinion Kappa statistics Kappa = 0.71

Reliability (1)

Type of reliability Construct/subscale assessed Test/statistic used Result
Internal Consistency Behavioural Lifestyle Changes questionnaire scales Cronbach's alpha (Alpha) Alpha = 0.720 (0.691 to 0.730)