At A Glance

Noteworthy Characteristics

  • Provides detailed information on flavor, packaging, ingredient trends, health claims, and forecasting for newly introduced food products.
  • Contains three-dimensional images of packaging for all new product launches.
  • May be used to analyze product launch trends by company or brand and to monitor the retail success of newly launched products because of its access to sales data through SymphonyIRI Group’s Total Store Advantage.



To collect data about new food and beverage product launches in the United States and the world.

Target Population

The database contains information on products from 49 countries, including the United States.


Began in 1998. Conducted monthly.


Mintel Group Ltd.


Sample Design

Database, not a survey.

Sample Size

These data are not sampled. Approximately 20,000 new products are analyzed every month.

Key Variables


NameMethods of Assessment
Individual product sales dataMeasured
Category, flavor, health claim, or company sales dataAnalyses of product packaging
3D packaging imagesPhotograhy
Packaging dimensions, materials, and features (health claims)Measured
Product ingredientsAnalyses of product packaging


NameMethods of Assessment

Data Access and Cost

Data Availability

To obtain data, contact Mintel Group Ltd.


Fee based


Geocode Variable(s)


Existing Linkages

Product data have been linked to sales through SymphonyIRI Group data.

Selected Publications

Ng, Shu Wen, Barry M. Popkin. Monitoring food and nutrients sold and consumed in the United States: Dynamics and challenges. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2012;112(1):41-45.

Van Camp DJ, Hooker NH, Jordan Lin C-T. Changes in fat contents of U.S. snack foods in response to mandatory trans fat labeling. Public Health Nutrition. 2012;15(6):1130-1137.

Van Camp DJ, Hooker NH, Souza-Monteiro DM. Adoption of voluntary front of package nutrition schemes in UK food innovations. British Food Journal. 2010;112(6):580-591.


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