At A Glance

Noteworthy Characteristics

  • Dietary behavior may be linked to other variables such as body mass index, physical activity, and medical conditions and to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).
  • Provides extensive consumer data on diet-related behavior.
  • Has continuously tracked representative sample of adults’ and children’s total diet consumption for 30 years.
  • Collects data through a 14-day daily diary.



To collect data on all foods and beverages consumed both in home and away from home for each individual in households in the United States (U.S.).

Target Population

All consumers in the U.S., from infants to adults.


Ongoing daily diary since March 1, 1980, reported quarterly.


The NPD Group

Special Note(s)

Other surveys/services provided by The NPD Group include the following:
• CREST® tracks consumer purchases from commercial and non-commercial (e.g., hospital or hotel) restaurants.
• HealthTrack collects data from the National Eating Trends® panel on the height, weight, diet, medical conditions, exercise, and consumer perception of health for each individual.
• Nutrient Intake Database (NID) links the NHANES average serving size and micro/macro nutrient breakdown by age and sex to the NET frequency data as well as HealthTrack information.
Kitchen Audit is a module conducted as part of the NET panel every 3 years to identify the foods and beverages present in a household.
• Dieting Monitor and Food Safety Monitor monitors dieting and food safety awareness, usage, and concerns bi-weekly.
• MealScape database assesses dietary decision processes in the context of other (non-health) decisions.
SnackTrack tracks snacking behavior from all sources, including schools.

The information provided in this profile focuses on U.S. services. Learn more about NPD’s services in other countries.

NPD operates its own online panel and partners with Ipsos (a marketing research firm) for mail panel research.

Phone: +1 (847) 692-1736


Sample Design

Panel survey.

Nationally representative sample using a stratified quota sample of present demographic composition.

Sample Size

2,000 households, approximately 5,000 individuals, and approximately 200,000+ eating occasions per year.

Key Variables


NameMethods of Assessment
Family sizeInterview/questionnaire


NameMethods of Assessment
Amount consumed per occasionInterview/questionnaire (Nutrient Intake; SnackTrack)
All foods and beverages consumed including additives, ingredients, and cooking aids over 14 days.Food diary (National Eating Trends)
Diet statusFood diary (National Eating Trends) and interview/questionnaire (SnackTrack)
Drivers of consumers behaviorsFood diary (National Eating Trends), interview/questionnaire (SnackTrack; MealScapes)
Food and beverage preparation trends (appliances, cooking method)Food diary (National Eating Trends); interview/questionnaire (MealScapes)
Motivations for eating foodInterview/questionnaire (SnackTrack; MealScapes)
Self classification of healthFood diary (National Eating Trends), interview/questionnaire (HealthTrack)
Source and share of calories in-home, carried, and away from home Food diary (National Eating Trends), interview/questionnaire (Nutrient Intake)
Source and share of meals in-home, carried, and away from home Food diary (National Eating Trends)
Source of nutrientFood diary (National Eating Trends), interview/questionnaire (Nutrient Intake)
When a food or beverage is consumedFood diary (National Eating Trends); interview/questionnaire (MealScapes)
Where a food or beverage is consumedFood diary (National Eating Trends); interview/questionnaire (MealScapes)
Where and when food purchasedInterview/questionnaire (SnackTrack)
Where, how, and when food is consumedFood diary (National Eating Trends); interview/questionnaire (SnackTrack)


NameMethods of Assessment
Body mass indexFood diary (National Eating Trends) Interview/questionnaire (HealthTrack)
Desire to lose weightFood diary (National Eating Trends) Interview/questionnaire (HealthTrack)
ExerciseFood diary (National Eating Trends) Interview/questionnaire (HealthTrack)


NameMethods of Assessment
Census regionN/A

Data Access and Cost

Data Availability

The NPD Group is a commercial enterprise that sells its data.



Special Note(s)

Data are sold on ad hoc or subscription basis. National Eating Trends data is available for purchase via GSA contract (#GS-07F-005AA).


Geocode Variable(s)

Census region.

Existing Linkages

National Eating Trends® is linked to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) food consumption data and PRIZM clusters (zip code-linked consumer segmentation system).

Selected Publications


Obtain fee-based reports on dietary behavior from the NPD Group.


None noted.